How To Make Mozzarella Cheese ~ Mozzarella Cheese Recipe ~ Homemade Mozzarella ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

How To Make Mozzarella Cheese ~ Mozzarella Cheese Recipe ~ Homemade Mozzarella ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

Greetings! Today I am going to show you the process of making mozzarella cheese at home. This is, in theory, simple to do, however, it does take practice and I will tell you what I tell the people who attend my seminars. You will fail. Simple as that. If you are going to make cheese, you are going to fail at some point. I do all the time. Cheese making is a fickle friend and milk can be inconsistent. So don’t despair, because in the event your mozzarella won’t “make”, you can still use the cheese like Ricotta. It is creamy and delicious and a bit heavier than ricotta, but it won’t go to waste.

I originally did the beginning part of this tutorial in early July. I lost the footage to the finish where I actually turned the curd into stretched mozzarella. I gave a mozzarella seminar this weekend and we took the camera so we could use the footage to finish off this video. Please forgive me for the video not being so seamless. It could not be helped this time.

The video explains everything in detail. I have a very detailed recipe that you can obtain from my website. This is adjusted from the recipe that Ricki Carol demonstrates in her own video. I have found certain amounts that work better for me and the milk that I use.

You should use the freshest local milk you can find. It can be cow, goat or sheep’s milk. It should never be pasteurized beyond 172 degrees or it will not have enough of the proper enzymes to make cheese. If you are lucky enough to obtain raw milk from your own livestock, I recommend you use it because your cheese making experience will be much more enjoyable! I have never had the opportunity to make cheese with raw milk and hope someday to be able to do that.

Lots of people ask me, do I really need to make mozzarella cheese at home? Probably not, but there is no question that homemade mozzarella cheese is far and away the best you will ever eat. When done right with the best ingredients, homemade mozzarella is amazing and when you serve it to friends and family you can be confident that they will enjoy it as well!

I hope that this tutorial is helpful and you are encouraged to give mozzarella a try yourself. Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time. Just move on and try again another day. But I do recommend that if you fail one day. Don’t immediately try another batch because frustration can build and become an emotional distraction. Best to try again another day. Trust me! I know this from experience.

I hope you give mozzarella a try and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!

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