Vitamin A

Vitamin A

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Vitamin A
In our present session let us discuss about one of the fat soluble vitamins, i.e. Vitamin A in detail.The chemical name of vitamin A is known as Retinol.Vitamin A is necessary for the normal vision of eyes.The retina of the eye consists of two types of pigments, which are required for the normal vision.They are:Rhodopsin, Idopsin. Vitamin A helps in production of those two types of pigments.Vitamin A supports the growth of skeletal system of the body.Vitamin A also protects body from infections.
Sources of Vitamin A:The sources of vitamin A are mainly of two types.Foods of animal origin, Foods of plant origin.
Foods of animal origin:Liver, Eggs, Butter, Whole milk, Fish, Meat,
Extracted oils from fisheslike cod liver oil and shark liver oil are some of the richest sources of vitamin A.
Foods of plant origin:In plant origin foods, vitamin A is present in the form of carotene, which is later converted into vitamin A in our body.Plant origin sources:Green leafy vegetables spinach, Amaranth etc., Carrot, Tomato, Pumpkin, Papaya, Mango etc.,


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