Today, most of us are fighting to have a life that is financially, physically, mentally sound. It is though relatively easy to achieve the financial freedom than to have a life which is fee from ailments and proper well being. It takes a lot of effort, patience and perseverance to stick on to a routine to achieve a healthier and prosperous life. This article will provide you with simple tips that will help you in getting on to a weight loss routine that will help you maintain the right physique and also with a cholesterol diet plan that will help you maintain the right cholesterol level in the body so as to keep the heart strokes far away.

First of all let us have a look at the simple weight loss routine that will help you reduce your weight gradually and in a healthier manner. A healthy workout includes both cardio (helps in blood circulation, pumps up the heart beat rate and blood flow, burns calories) as well as weights exercises (fat burning) that create the right balance of weight loss as well as muscle building. The workout routine might include the following exercises:

• Running/walking: Running gets every part of your body moving. Running can be a high intensity workout all by itself. Take care not to run if you experience knee or back pain. Try running on a soft surface such as grass or sand and minimize the time you run on asphalt.
• Cycling: Bicycle riding (as long as it’s done outdoors) is a great cardio routine. Of course you need to be proficient in riding a bike, but it can really get your heart pumping.
• Swimming: It is a great body building cardio routine as it strengthens the entire body. It also helps burn a lot of calories and belly fat.
• Weight exercises can be done with the help of the gym instructor. Exercises like squats, push ups, pull ups, dumbbells, etc help in lowering the body fat.

All these help you burn the extra calories and fat. One needs to be regular so as to achieve great results from this weight loss routine. One needs to ensure to keep a healthy diet pattern also to live a happier and healthier life. The diet one consumes plays a very important role in the overall well being of an individual. The cholesterol diet plan can help you reduce the cholesterol levels by 15% without exercises and one can increase it by another 4 – 5% if exercises are a part of the daily routine.

A cholesterol diet plan should include the following

• The diet should have no more than 7% of daily calorie intake from saturated fat. Saturated fats raise the blood cholesterol levels and increase the chances of heart strokes. Foods such as whole grain foods, fruits, vegetables, fish and shellfish, skinless poultry etc are good.
• Increase the number of intakes of foods rather than eating everything at one go.
• Less than 25-30% of the total calorie intake must happen from any type of fats.
• Limit the intake of junk foods and foods with high cholesterol content like meat, dairy products etc.

Sticking to a diet never means strict nutrition philosophies or staying thin like an unhealthy individual but it’s about feeling great, having more fun and energy in eating and keeping yourself as healthy as possible. It’s about eating right. So if and individual follows this simple weight loss routine and a healthy diet pattern in the form of cholesterol diet plan he or she can have a healthier and happier life.

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