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Have you had any activity that you committed to and found yourself quitting after a week or two? This is a common phenomenon for fitness enthusiasts, and you should never blame yourself.

Fitness is a lifelong commitment. You cannot expect an overnight result and stop from there. First of all, fitness requires time, effort, and patience. There are dozens of body archetypes that respond differently to the same exercise. In some extreme cases, there are individuals whose bodies can tremendously lose weight after a week or two. If you do not lose weight after a week of fitness training and workout, you should not blame yourself. In order to be able to lose weight, you have to train your mind, understand your body, and focus on the goal. Whether you have a personal trainer or not, you should develop this on your own.

Why the mind?

Our mind tells us whatever is that we are feeling at the moment. If you got yourself pierced by a pin, you will surely know where in your body the pain was coming from, and you should get an idea right away of what is the object that caused you the pain. In this case, a needle or something very sharp and thin. The same way your body and mind react when we commit to something.

Commitment is a word that we see so often. However, few of us realize that commitment is not just about the moment of deciding whether to proceed or not. Commitment is setting your mind to a goal regardless of whatever is there in the process of reaching the goal.

In FitPrint Orlando, we make sure that we create a culture of a community that understands commitment – individuals who can train not only their body but their mind as well. Personal training with us builds what we call a community that understands the process of hardship and delayed rewards. We always tell our members that instant gratification is not what you will see here, or in any fitness gyms or clubs. Fitness is always understanding and enjoying the process of pain, and most especially, finding pain as a reward rather than a punishment.

When your mind is trained you are set for bigger results!

It is not easy to train your mind and to set a goal that is far beyond what you usually set for yourself. A marathoner for instance did not start right away running 42km. They may have started from running 1 to 2-mile runs. Throughout their fitness training, they have reached half marathon and eventually a full marathon. However, this does not happen in a span of one or two weeks. It was not comfortable. Nothing should be comfortable when training for fitness.

To reach your goal or destination, you should be comfortable being uncomfortable and in pain. By understanding the process and telling your mind that you can go beyond what you can do, you will eventually reach your goal – even better, surpass it!

Train with us and be the ninja you are set to be. FitPrint is a community that helps each other and builds strength and confidence with our personal training services within a group with the same interest and mindset. Let us help you!