Remember Jane Fonda’s 20-minute workout routine? What about the Wedding Workout Plan? And who can forget “Sweat and Shout” with impish Richard Simmons? You get the picture. Have you ever wondered if you could create a new workout program the fitness world would latch onto as the next big thing?  

Take the advice of Anthony Aurelius, who has done exactly that. While he’s been called the poster boy for vegans, Aurelius prefers to be known as the Jamie Oliver of the fitness world because of his development of a new mind and body workout routine aimed at improving the health and fitness in adults and young people.   While his “Choi-Bo” routine sounds a bit like something you might order at an Asian fusion restaurant, in fact this is a fun, non-combative martial arts-inspired workout set to music, and brings together the best aspects of yoga, pilates, meditation and cardio vascular training.  

Here are three important steps Aurelius took to create his workout regime. You may wish consider these when putting together your plan.  

1. Break Your Workout Program Into Sections

Developing a fitness program doesn’t happen overnight. If you have a routine you’ve developed, break down your programme down into sections, so folks get a step-by-step sense of beginning, middle and end of your routine.    

For example, the Choi-Bo workout breaks its program into 7 sections, making it easy for participants to prepare for:  
1. Meditations & Mental Preparation Time
2. Dynamic Stretches to Warm the Whole Body
3. Spine and Joint Rotational Exercises
4. Conditioning: Resistance & Strength Training Exercises
5. Aerobic Workout using Unique ‘Sequential Motion’ techniques
6. Anaerobic Push and Cool Down: Shoulder & Back Massage
7. The Whole Body Unique Yoga-based Stretch  

Tip: Suggest some unique cool-down activity, if possible. For example, Choi-Bo incorporates a fully-dressed shoulder and back massage that plays an integral part in the regime’s 7-part system. That element alone makes the program unique.  

2. Prepare A Reason Why You Created Your Program

Aurelius decided to create his program when he realized that many people considered traditional gym exercises to be boring. Aurelius took his 20 years of martial arts training and 10 years of fitness coaching experience to develop a routine that combines the best of everything he learned over the years.If you’ve been a trainer, coach or simply an exercise junkie for any length of time, use that experience to bring credibility to the program you develop. People want to know your ‘system” or program is based on real world expertise and experience.Suggest how and why your workout routine is unique or different. People always want the next big thing.    

3. Create a Workout Name That Intrigues

Whatever workout you decide to develop, it’s important to create a memorable name for your program or regime. Think of the names you remember most: “Shred Ten Pounds in Ten Days Workout.” “The Celebrity Butt Workout.” “The Killer Ab Workout.” Put your name in front of your workout name, and you’ve got the makings of a brand.   When you describe your program in a way that resonates well with your target audience, so much the better. You can’t beat Jane Fonda’s “The 20-Minute Workout” for selling power and long-term branding.   For example, Aurelius called his routine Choi-Bo for a reason, based on his years as a martial arts instructor. The name Choi-Bo, comes from “Choi”, which means “highest” and “Bo” which is short for Bow, as in Bow and Arrow. In his marketing, Aurelius describes Choi-Bo workouts as designed to be of the highest quality and aim to hit the mark like an arrow hitting the bulls-eye target from a skilled archer. Makes great marketing sense.  

Finally, once you’ve developed a program, you must make an effort to market your workout. Often this means bringing out a book, DVD and online videos with your program.   Good luck. Now back to the gym to work on your “Bump and Grind the Behind.”  

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