It is a herculean task to manage home, children, family and a demanding job, and at the same time look fresh and radiant. Many women who juggle different roles forget to take care of their diet. All women must take care no matter how busy they are:

) Always eat some fruit for breakfast because it gives the required energy to detoxify and aids in the elimination of wastes effectively.

2) Drink enough water, cut down tea, coffee to two cups in the day and substitute them by herbal drinks like jasmine, chamoile tea, which are great for skin hydration and a young looking skin.

3) With age, cut down on cereals and eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep the weight off.

4) Walk and do stretches to keep your body supple, slim, youthful and full of energy.

5) Cut down on smoking and alcohol as it ages the skin fast.

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6) Increase soy, or fish or sprouts in the diet.

7) Add anti-aging herbs like tulsi, amla, ashwagandha in the routine.

8) Go for natural sweeteners like honey and raisins.

9) Indulge in your sinful foods once a week.

10) Positive thinking and a positive outlook can make any women look young and attractive!

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