Healthy Lifestyle Is Equal to a Healthy Beautiful Skin

We live in a world where it takes sheer determination not to eat junk food. Eating a natural well balanced diet is a great way to achieve a beautiful and healthy skin. It is important to stay away from toxins if you want to have beautiful and fabulous looking skin.

The most effective way to avoid having a body that is crawling with toxins is by choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. This includes consuming a diet that is rich in foods such as whole grains, sun flower seeds, avocado, walnuts and almonds.

Eat healthy and avoid foods such as refined carbs like cookies and white bread. Consume a lot of water and tea and ensure that you stay hydrated.

Whole grains are known for providing effective anti aging antioxidants and they provide fiber, one of the main elements of a beautiful and healthy skin diet. Fiber is known to help keep the body clean by simply absorbing the toxins and keeping the colon clean. This will help your metabolism and give your liver a break.

Another great reason why fiber is good for you is that it is known to absorb fluids and makes you fuller. You will be clean internally, thus giving your body the opportunity to concentrate on making your skin beautiful by simply bringing helpful nutrients to your skin, instead of focusing on ridding the body of harmful toxins.

Do you know that nutrition plays a great role in how your skin looks? See your body as vehicle, the food you consume is the fuel. You would not expect a car that runs on petrol to run on diesel, would you? So, you should not put the wrong kind of fuel in your body.

· Drink a lot of water and herbal/green teas

· Eat a healthy diet rich in Omega 3 and 6 found in foods like walnuts, almonds, grape seeds, and sunflower seeds and ensure that you take lots of vitamin C – parsley, citrus fruits, broccoli and rosehips.

· Consume a lot of organic veggies and fruits – you can find a variety of organic foods in a local supermarket

· In order to get a radiant skin, you should consume oily fish like wild salmon, wild or fresh mackerel.

Exercising is also very vital in achieving wrinkle-free radiant skin. If you are one of those people who needs to be literally dragged to the gym; then you should take up dancing, swimming or walking instead. A brisk walk in the park will provide you with not just clean oxygen but will also provide you with the chance to think clearly. Dancing is a great and fun way to exercise and meet new people in your dance class. Exercises improve your blood circulation. Good circulation helps your body’s effort to bring nutrients to all your cells and help it get rid of toxins.

Do you want to choose being injected with poison (botox) over eating well and exercising in order to get great skin? Your choice!

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