How long do rabbits live as pets? How to take care of your bunny.

ByRachelle R. Sowell

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Not together with fish, rabbits are the third most well-liked pet in the United States driving puppies and cats, in accordance to Pet Keen.

Though persons have commonly thought rabbits are “low maintenance” pets, rabbits require a certain diet regime and daily exercise to make certain they are wholesome and reside a very long pleased everyday living, clarifies Fetch by WebMD. 

If you are a new pet operator or have owned a rabbit for decades, there are many methods you can make certain that your pet can dwell their everyday living to the fullest, setting up with their food plan and everyday program. 

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How lengthy do rabbits reside as pets? 

Most domestic rabbits can reside for eight many years or even up to 12 decades, according to Fetch by WebMD. In contrast to wild rabbits, who face hazard components which include predators and tension in the wild, domestic rabbits have secure spots to hide and a continual supply of food. 

A domesticated rabbit can live anywhere from eight to 12 years, but breed and living conditions play a role.

In accordance to Fetch by WebMD, very similar to canine, unique breeds of rabbits have various daily life spans. Frequently, much larger rabbit breeds have shorter existence spans than dwarf breeds, and purebred rabbits have shorter lifestyle spans than combined breed rabbits. There are exceptions, having said that, and just about every rabbit is diverse. How you acquire treatment of your rabbit will participate in a greater part in how prolonged it live rather than its genetics.