Penis enlargement tips are usually surrounded by false facts and vague outcomes, so in writing this article it was set out to be honest and to the point. Most companies will promise you anything you want to hear, and it was for this reason I did research for weeks on end in this important men’s health field. Why so important? Well if you aren’t currently looking to enhance your penis size for the opposite sex simply bare in mind that 71% of women polled stated they wished their significant other had a larger libido. 3 out of 4 women! Incredible.

First and foremost, do not believe any tip you hear about penis enlargement happening doing certain exercises. The companies that sell these ‘workout’ programs have put no science into it whatsoever, and are looking for easy green from your wallet.

Pumps, implants and even surgery are other methods of penis enlargement, but we are going to stick to supplements because that is where the data is. The first tip in finding an accurate and effective penis enlargement pill is finding a company that lists the ingredients. There are horror stories all over the internet of men buying a supplement with no basis for what is inside the pill. These horror stories almost always end in nausea for the customer, and no change in their libido size.

You want to look for the word natural. Natural herbs, phyto-lytes, things of this nature are a good sign. Besides the fact that natural herbs limit a side effect like nausea, these clean ingredients help the blood flow to your penis, and thus increase the size of it. Blood flow is the biggest factor in getting a larger libido, and natural ingredients serve as a bridge to make this happen.

Another penis enlargement tip to use is to make sure there is a money back guarantee. A lot of penis supplement companies spring up overnight, and leave just as quickly with your money. Avoid any website like the plague that does not offer a money back guarantee. In all the research I have done, the penis supplement provider that received the most positive feedback from customers was Extagen. Extagen, according to the millions of users on forums, rendered penis enlargement tips moot with not only its 4 month money back guarantee, but insanely fast success, with the average male polled achieving a larger penis in just 2 weeks; unheard of in the penis enlargement field.

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