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Your smile is like a beacon of your soul; it reflects your inner beauty and happiness. And in order to achieve that smile, you ought to have healthy teeth.

A healthy and beautiful smile doesn’t merely rely on brushing and flossing your teeth. Other factors contribute to strengthening your teeth, such as eating healthy foods and avoiding harmful habits.

Have you ever broken or chipped a tooth of yours? If yes, then that’s because your enamel is relatively weak. To avoid such problems, you have to strengthen your enamel by resorting to healthy habits.

According to the best dental clinic in Dubai, here’s a list of methods on how to strengthen your teeth naturally:

Avoid Grinding Your Teeth

Let’s be honest here; Most of us (if not all) have a bad habit of clenching our teeth when we’re mad or anxious. And trust me, once you’ve known about the consequences of that habit, you’ll want to stop it in no time.

Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, causes issues such as wearing out your enamel and causing pain to your jaw and teeth.

Bruxism can be caused by teeth or jaw misalignment, and it’s best to treat it early. You can treat teeth misalignment with braces or Invisalign in Dubai.

Eat Foods That Are Rich in Minerals

Weak enamel and chipped teeth are the last things you want to have, trust me. That’s why strengthening your tooth enamel is essential. The road to a stronger, healthier enamel starts with eating mineral-rich foods.

The key to having healthy teeth is to ensure remineralization. Now what is remineralization, you might ask? It’s simply the process where your teeth receive more minerals than they lose. Sure brushing your teeth helps remove nasty bacteria, but they don’t help with remineralization.

Maintain your strong teeth with these foods below:

  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Leafy greens, such as spinach and broccoli.
  • Mushrooms

Limit Sugar Intake

Candy, chocolate, ice cream, and fizzy drinks are snacks loved by all, from little kids to adults. However, we should probably listen to the dentists who advise us not to limit these sugary foods and drinks.

As tasty as they are, as harmful they can be. Bacteria in your mouth love to feed on the sugar from foods and drinks, especially the sticky candy that gets stuck between your teeth. That causes the bacteria to produce acids, in which they go on a journey to attack your poor enamel, wearing it down.

You should also think twice before sipping on a Pepsi, as fizzy drinks are acidic and actively destroy your enamel.

Use Fluoride

Fluoride is your teeth’s best friend and their hero!

Fluoride toothpaste is the type of best friend that sticks with you as soon as the first tooth appears. Its benefits are almost countless, as it not only strengthens your enamel but also treats tooth decay in its early stages.

Its benefits don’t end here, as fluoride also helps your teeth become more resistant to harmful acids produced by bacteria and certain foods.

Mouthwash also contains fluoride! It cannot substitute toothbrushing, though. Using mouthwash is the icing on the cake; It helps prevent cavities, but it’s not there to replace toothpaste!

Cut Off Snacks

Okay, this might be the hardest habit of all cutting off snacks.

Snacking is a guilty pleasure for many, myself included. However, unhealthy snacks can cause many diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Eating junk food on a regular basis is also extremely harmful to your teeth, as it can cause cavities and tooth decay.

If you’re really craving a snack, then carb-free or sugar-free snacks are the way to go. You could also grab a banana or a vegetable. Your teeth will thank me later.

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