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Nursing offers job security and a good salary, as well as the chance for career progression. Although the work can be challenging, nurses often feel a huge sense of achievement at the end of a busy shift. Practical knowledge is essential for the role, but that’s just part of what it takes to succeed. If you are thinking of training as a nurse, here are some of the signs that indicate you could make it in this field.

Are you interested in learning?

Exceptional nurses can pursue a career in almost any area of medicine, but a willingness to learn is crucial. If you have a thirst for knowledge, this could be the profession for you. After their initial training, nurses can continue their education and work in more advanced roles. The online family nurse practitioner degree at Texas Woman’s University is designed to propel working nurses into leadership positions across the industry. The course can be completed in two years, and the tuition costs are competitively low.  

Do you feel compassion for others?

The ability to empathize with people who are nervous, confused or in pain is essential for any nurse. If you are good at listening and seeing things from another person’s point of view, you are already halfway there. Nurses have to understand the varying needs of people in their care and do so without judging them. Moreover, they need to be good communicators, as this helps them form a bond with their patients and gain insight into their condition. In a hospital, people don’t always have their friends and family around. If you are comfortable offering a listening ear to a diverse range of people, you could be an excellent nurse.

Can you think on your feet?

Nurses have a wide knowledge of each medical treatment they are asked to dispense, but in patient care, things can change quickly. Nurses must be able to recognize important changes in a person’s condition and then make a decision about what is to be done. Listening to changes in a person’s breathing, observing the color of their skin and paying attention to what they tell you is crucial. Although a qualified nurse is guided by their experience, people who are already organized and detail orientated will have a head start.

Can you work in a changeable environment?

Each day on the ward is different for nursing professionals, and they must be able to adapt to changing circumstances effortlessly. Frequently, medical staff turn up at work ready to complete tasks that were discussed the day before only to discover a completely revised agenda. Colleagues support each other at these times, but not everyone feels confident with this level of flexibility. If you do, it could be a sign that you’d thrive as a nurse.

As well as being a rewarding career choice, nursing is seen as a calling by many in the profession. If your personal strengths and soft skills align with those mentioned here, you could enjoy a very fulfilling career as a nurse.

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