Oscar Isaac’s Stylist Shares 16 Tips for Developing Your Personal Style

ByRachelle R. Sowell

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If there’s anyone who’s mastered his personal style on and off the red carpet, it’s Oscar Isaac. The Moon Knight star has become known across the internet as an A-list celebrity with a sartorial sense of cool right on par with his acting chops. Even when he’s sporting bolder looks, like a pleated knee-length skirt suit from Thom Browne, he manages to wear the look effortlessly.

You might be asking yourself how one can achieve such an approach to style. According to Isaac’s stylist, Michael Fisher, your attitude and mindset towards fashion is just as important as the actual clothes you wear. “Oscar likes to take chances, but it’s all within his world,” he shared with Men’s Health in an email. “He’s first and foremost an artist and appreciates the creative work of putting together looks and the craft of the garments themselves.”

Like perfecting your best fitness routines or refining your grooming habits, developing personal style takes time and work. But, with a little help from Fisher, who also counts Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Rudd, Kieran Culkin, and Peter Dinklage as clients, it’ll come easy. Below, check out the stylist’s tips to get creative with your style and think outside of everyday trends or staples.

Experiment with knitwear and unconventional shapes.

“Explore knitwear and jacket shapes other than traditional blazers. Play with shorter jackets and unconstructed workwear pieces layered over knits, rather than a traditional button-down shirt and off-duty blazer.”

The “suit” is getting an update for Spring 2022.

“New versions of suits [are popping up for the season]. For example, cargos and a chore jacket in the same fabric, oversized shapes both for casual and more formal looks, softer colors, and the use of a non-traditional menswear palette, like greens, yellows, pinks, and browns.”

Socks can help streamline an outfit or they can be the accent that makes it pop—you decide.

“I love the punctuation that a snappy sock adds to a look, but sometimes it’s about a tonal look, and sometimes it’s about an accent. My go-to is London Sock Company, where I did a color-blocked collab this past season.”

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One foolproof pant silhouette: fitted, tailored, and not too tight.

“Fitted always photographs better, but there are a lot of fluid shapes happening now that are an interesting twist on proportion—and not everyone can pull it off. Overall, silhouettes are loosening up. But for the carpet, unless the client can pull it off, clothes that fit well and are well-tailored, (not tight!) always work.”

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No matter what, you should feel comfortable in your clothes.

“It’s about being comfortable in your own skin, and I always try to understand my client’s style and personality to create with them, the amplified best version of themselves. It’s not about having them wear a trend or a brand, and neither should any guy. It’s about figuring out what works personally and embracing that.”

Transition-weather dressing can be summed up in one word: layering.

“Always have an outerwear option with you. Jackets and coats need to be part of the outfit; they can be used, if needed, but won’t detract from the overall look. Invest in a lightweight wool jacket, as it’s both a natural insulator and has wicking properties to keep you cool.”

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Don’t underestimate the power of a hooded nylon jacket in unpredictable weather.

“In addition to classic outerwear choices, a lightweight nylon hooded layer in your bag, in case of rain—I learned that from my British friends.”

Now’s the time to sport bold colors.

“There is so much color in menswear, and in every way possible: Head-to-toe suits in all levels of pink, rust, green, and more. Or, color blocking three unexpected tones like bronze, purple, and black like what Oscar wore for the SAG Awards.”

But, consider your skin tone and the shades you’re wearing, too.

“Keep your skin tone in mind, as not all colors work on everyone. Also use tonal versions, lighter shirt for example, and don’t try to match all the layers perfectly.”

Opt for an unexpected button-down look by mixing up the print or sporting new accessories.

“It’s all about the pairing: Dress codes on the carpet are not as formal as they once were, and an open neck with jewelry is now acceptable. Ties are an option now. Even prints under jackets look good for the right event.”

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Prints are big this year—and you can wear them effortlessly with a button-down.

“There has been a lot of exploded florals and botanicals, vintage tattoo prints, conversationals, and scarf prints with borders. These work into button-downs easily, and layer well under jackets. In addition to prints, color-blocking, embroidery, patchwork, and mended looks are trending.

Stock up on jackets that compliment your wardrobe.

“You need to have many of them…..seriously though. Options are needed for different types of looks, occasions, lengths, weights, and more. Keep the colors neutral but varied to make sure they work back to the colors in your wardrobe. Try not to match, but to compliment. Of course, there are the classic shapes: the blazer, the denim trucker, a leather or suede piece, nylon zip piece, and the season’s must-haves: chore jacket and shirt jacket (otherwise known as the shacket).”

You can’t go wrong with classic white sneakers—even with suits.

“Sneakers with suits are not new but have become more acceptable for more occasions. It’s not just the creative director wearing suits and trainers, but those may be more designer or complicated. The simple white Adidas or Vans Slip-On is the most understandable for most of the population. The status sneaker can cost more than the entire look, but can also overpower it.”

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Swap the backpack or briefcase for a smaller bag.

“The small bag has become very popular with a wide range of men. This has become the new status shoe or trainer. Again, I wouldn’t let it overpower the look. Authentic always wins, and the outfit shouldn’t be wearing the person, nor should his accessories.”

Dressing with your partner? Make sure the looks work individually before they work with each other.

“Oscar and his wife’s colors complimented each other—they didn’t match. I think that is the key. It shouldn’t be forced. Each look needs to work for each of them separately, as well as together.”

Remember, you own your looks.

“Three key words: authentic, effortless, confident. Finally, don’t let the look wear you.”

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