With dieting and exercising many heart related diseases can be prevented. Deaths with heart attacks and cardiac related illness are increasing with the lifestyle changes. But following some easy tips or rules today can help us to have a healthy heart throughout our life. 

Stop Smoking:

Stop smoking and save yourself from heart attack. Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation found that quitting smoking can reduce the chances of cardiac attacks by 50%. One has to engage more in things that refresh the mind and help quit smoking.

Reduce Fat Intake:

Excess fat intake increases cholesterol level and makes us overweight. Both of this can make our heart unhealthy. Avoiding high fat foods now will save our heart from diseases.

Get Rid of Obesity:

Extra weight also can burden our backbone bringing back pain. Obesity always brings joint and heart problems with it. Controlling and managing weight through proper diet and exercising is very essential for healthy heart. 

Reduce Alcohol:

Controlling alcohol can help reducing weight gain. A glass of wine alone has more than 85 calories. Cutting down alcohol will bring down calorie intake and thus prevent fat formation.

Control Your Salt Consumption:

Eating less salt also can help lower blood cholesterol level and blood pressure which in turn minimizes the risk of heart diseases.

Do Regular Exercise:

We need to do regular exercises and keep ourselves more active to avoid problems. Stress worsens the situation making us to eat more disturbing our immune system.  Relaxation and exercises help us manage stress. 

Researching into our family history is also important. If your family has people suffering from heart related illness, you need to be very sensitive to the symptoms of chest pain while exercising.

Remember that many heart related illnesses can be prevented and that by making the right steps today, you can make a healthy heart last a lifetime. Remember, this is the No.1 cause of death in the US, according to the FDA.

So reduce your body fat and protect yourself from cardiovascular illness.

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