How Third Wind Performance Takes Fitness Apparel to a New Level

ByRachelle R. Sowell

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How Third Wind Performance Takes Fitness Apparel to a New Level (sponsored)

Most people in their fitness journey have encountered some unpleasant experiences. They may feel too hot, cold, or even uncoordinated in their exercise clothes. Third Wind Performance wants to help its clients overcome these obstacles and focus on their daily activities. Third Wind’s mission is to inspire fitness enthusiasts and the average person to go out and fulfill their dreams. They do this by creating high-quality products emphasizing comfort, style, and a unique performance so that no matter what you’re doing, you can feel good about yourself.

The company’s founder Jimmy Snipes believes that fitness apparel should encompass all areas of your life not exclusive to exercise but should help you live in style and comfort every day. “If you look good, you feel good,” Jimmy says. His goal is to help his clients uphold those feelings wherever they go and help them feel like they can conquer the world with confidence in what they’re wearing. The inspiration behind Third Wind Performance’s name comes from the idea that once you have your first two winds, you can push through and find the energy deep within yourself to take you to the finish line. The idea is never to lose sight of the prize regardless of how tired you may feel.

“You can attribute the concept of third wind to anything in life, not just fitness,” says Jimmy. He advises people not to give up on their endeavors and most importantly themselves. He adds that pushing through obstacles is likened to catching your third Wind. The goal is to create a community by spreading a message of determination, resilience, and hope in all things they desire to achieve even when the path is unclear.

From a young age, Jimmy knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He started his career in construction, where he rapidly made a name for himself. Thinking of new ways to use his skills he started buying Real estate, Rental properties and ventured into flipping properties. Despite being younger than most of his peers, Jimmy’s reputation as an upright and trustworthy businessman and as an individual was legendary. His ability to tackle challenges head-on is another quality many admire. Leveraging the lessons learned and experience gained, he ventured into many other businesses including fitness, Jimmy will shy away from no industry, and his saying is you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to make it better, which is what he has done.

Jimmy’s approach to fitness is like many things in his life. He prioritizes discipline and consistency, and he believes these are priceless principles. He understands that gym membership can prove to be financially exerting, so he recommends a simple home workout routine to keep in shape and kick-start your day. Jimmy’s mission is to spread the message of passion, grit, and perseverance, reminding them to take small, consistent steps toward their big goals one step at a time.

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