Do you have man boobs? Want to get rid of them as quickly as possible but have no idea as to how to achieve that? During the days when I had gynecomastia I desperately wanted them to be gone too. Having them on your chest hurts your social image and self esteem. If you want to regain your confidence, make sure you read this article to learn the best methods and tips to get rid of man tits.

First of all, let us think for a moment just why some men have excessive chetst fat. I’ve done a little bit of research – the main factors are high body fat percentage and hormone imbalance. It’s perfectly normal to have fatter body parts ie man boobs if you are obese. Most men have them because of factor #1. As for factor #2, it’s the female hormone, otherwise known as estrogen that’s responsible for the development of breasts in men.

If you don’t know it, both men and women have estrogen and it is responsible to stimulate the growth of the breasts. So if your body has a high amount of estrogen, it will develop something we call man tits.

So How Do we Deal With Man Breasts?

Since most man boobs are caused by a high body fat percentage, the best way to deal with them is through exercising. IF you are obese, the best way to get rid of excessive chest fat is by adjusting your meals and exercising. If you are not overweight, then there’s a good chance that your man tits are caused by hormonal imbalance.

Exercise & Workout Tips To Help You Get Rid of Man Tits

I will now share some tips I’ve found to be great to remove the fat quickly and permanently through exercises and workouts. Firstly, if you want to remove excessive chest fat quickly, you NEED TO concentrate on lowering your body fat percentage. As mentioned before, the major factor of man tits is a high body fat percentage. If you don’t work on lowering it, you will never be able to get your strong chest back.

A lot of people who try to get rid of man boobs lift a lot weight in the gym. Some of them have even become gym maniacs. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You just need to make sure you follow the right advice. (And the advice you are receiving now is from someone who has been able to get rid of man tits for himself and help others achieve that as well. So you are doing better than fine.)

The best kind of exercises are cardio-based workouts and aerobics when it comes to getting rid of man boobs. Aerobic exercises such as running and jogging are very effective at burning body fat and lowering body fat percentage. Also another tip when you do your workouts is to keep a high intensity. Run and cycle faster, not for longer period of time. Research has shown that the fat burning efficiency is given a rocket boost when one concentrates on intensity instead of length of workout.

Green Tea – Great little secret

Drinking a few cups of green tea a day helps to improve your metabolism rate according to multiple sources. Boosted metabolism rate is essential to a quick fat and man boobs removal. It also helps to regulate your hormones too.

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