Pregnant fitness trainer tearful after baby bump comments

ByRachelle R. Sowell

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A fitness trainer has claimed she was brought to tears by strangers’ comments about her pregnant body’s size.

Tiffiny Hall is an Australian personal trainer and fitness model, and she is currently expecting a child with her partner Ed Kavalee.

But, rather than feeling excited about the prospect of welcoming another member of the family, she has been battling against uncomfortable comments about her baby bump.

Speaking on the 2DayFM breakfast show, the health fanatic described some of the surprising public comments she had received.

“People just think [that] when you’re pregnant they get to say whatever they want to,” she began.

Tiffiny Hall
Tiffiny Hall is a fitness trainer with over 200,000 followers on Instagram

“It’s just hurting my feelings, it’s getting a bit too much, especially because I still have seven weeks to go.

“Everyone’s like, ‘you must be about to pop. You’re massive, you’re enormous, you must have three in there…”

Tiffiny even suggested that people had told her that she looks like she’s “struggling” to her face.

The fitness star’s husband Ed, who hosts the radio show, even recalled one encounter with a stranger in public, remembering: “He said to my wife in front of me, ‘you must be having a girl because she’s stolen your looks. My wife, she had three girls and all she had was a tiny basketball but you’re massive.”

Tiffiny Hall
Tiffiny opened up about the comments she has received from strnagers about her baby bump

Joking that Ed hadn’t lept to her defence Will Smith-style, Tiffiny added: “I was dying, I actually cried after that.”

“Just say something Ed, just say, ‘she’s not massive, she’s pregnant’.”

The podcast’s co-presenter Erin Molan was incensed, observing: “What gives anyone the right to comment on your body regardless of whether you’re carrying another child or not, it is no one’s business.”

Tiffiny Hall
Tiffiny has spoken about the pressure women face to achieve the perfect bikini body

It’s not the first time that Tiffiny has spoken candidly about body weight issues.

In December 2020, the fitness star opened up about the pressure women face to achieve the idealised bikini-body.

In an Instagram post to her 220,000 followers, she wrote: “From heavy, light, curvy, straight, jiggly and broad, to everything in between – all bodies are fit to rock a bikini.”

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