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Dental implants are the best solution for missing teeth because the treatment mimics the natural teeth’ structure. The treatment facilitates the patient with long-lasting and remarkable tooth function. In addition, it improves their overall look and smile. Dentists personalize the treatment process for the patient’s ease, convenience, and comfort. You’ll get a new smile without facing any painful emergencies. 

Qualifying factors for dental implants 

The factors that help in determining whether or not an individual qualifies for emergency dental implants include – 

  • Healthy existing teeth
  • Good jaw bone mass 
  • Excellent overall health
  • Healthy gums

Patients who have lost or damaged a tooth are most likely to have a healthy mouth without bone decay or gum disease. They are eligible for dental implants. 

Disqualifying factors for dental implants

 You are ineligible for emergency treatment if you have the following factors conditions – 

  • Signs of infection
  • Tooth decay
  • Periodontal disease

How do emergency dental implants benefit you?

There are several advantages to getting new prosthetic teeth (dental implants). The treatment will offer you the following benefits – 

  • Restores the confidence and smile – Dental implant boosts the overall confidence of your smile and enhances oral health. The treatment will encourage you to smile at all times. 
  • Prevents infection, bone loss, and gum decay – You’ll get a new prosthetic tooth right away with emergency implants, which means your jaw and gum health will be maintained. 
  • Keeps the entire set of teeth in place – Implants are an ideal solution to maintain the overall health of the teeth as they fill the gap due to tooth loss. Keeping the tooth socket empty for an extended period will impact the strength of other teeth and make them weak. Implants keep the entire set of teeth in their place.

Why book an appointment with a dentist? 

Professional dentists understand the concern and requirements of the clients before starting the dental implants. They strive to provide the best oral treatment to their patients while ensuring minimal risk or discomfort. Here are the significant reasons of hiring a qualified emergency dentist for your implants treatment – 

  • High success rate – Highly qualified and experienced dentists have experience handling different implant cases. In other words, they have extensive knowledge of the best technologies and methods needed for the success of a dental implant.
  • Quality services – Professional providers are dedicated to offering high-quality dental treatment using the finest materials.
  • Convenient and comfortable treatment – Dentists focus on providing best-in-class implant treatment to their patients, ensuring maximum safety and comfort. You may also contact them anytime during working hours in case of any concerns after the treatment. 

Be sure to research extensively about the dentist before booking your appointment. It is important to hire a qualified and experienced professional that offers reliable, world class services. 

Reliable dentists like Dr. Steve Jang and Dr. Ahn of Pinnacle Dental have over a decade of experience in dental implants. Immediate treatment is recommended to protect oral and teeth health from further damage. Contact the emergency dentist today to correct your smile. The professional will offer you customized treatment at most affordable prices. 

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