Water retention in the body is the result of inadequate hydration. The lack of sufficient water in the cells results in a defensive reaction in the form of water retention in the subcutaneous tissues. This happens when we eat too much salt, drink too much alcohol, spend time in hot conditions or take certain types of medication. Is it possible to remove water from the body? Find out a remedy against swollen legs or weight fluctuations!

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Water is removed from the body by…water

The answer to the question: how to get rid of water from the body comes down to the cause of the problem, in other words, poor hydration. Getting into the good habit of drinking at least two litres of water a day will “teach” the body that it does not need to store it. It is important to remember that this cannot be one or two huge portions of water a day. Fluids should be consumed gradually throughout the day. It is therefore helpful to have a bottle or glass full of liquid with you all the time. You can also stay hydrated by eating soups, drinking herbal tea or natural fruit juice.

How to remove water from the body – a proper diet and physical activity

As salt consumption is largely responsible for the accumulation of water in the body, it should be reduced as a priority. However, the intake of large quantities of fibre and potassium will be beneficial. Potassium can be found in bananas, and fibre in fruit and vegetables, wholemeal products and nuts. Herbal infusions are also useful when it comes to the removal of water from the body. This concerns mainly fennel, nettle, dandelion or elderberry. The answer to the question – how to get rid of water from the body – is based also on regular physical exercises which support metabolism, removal of excess salt and toxins. Just 30 minutes of exercise a day is enough to feel a significant difference. It does not have to be training in the gym. Walking, replacing the lift with stairs or getting off a few stops earlier to walk to work or home on foot will have the same effect. To support the process of removing water from your body, you can use dietary supplements available on the market, such as Your Secret Is.

The problem of swollen limbs, increased weight, headaches or exhaustion will disappear when we get rid of any water accumulated in the body. In order to remove it, you should, paradoxically, ensure that your body is hydrated in a perfect way. Improving the process of water removal from the body will be ensured also by a proper diet and regular physical activity, i.e. good habits that will also guarantee us a better mood, strengthening of the body and loss of excessive kilograms.