Advantages of Working with a Nurse Staffing Agency - Five Star Nursing

Most nurses prefer to work with a nurse staffing agency due to several reasons. Nurse staffing agencies have been giving job opportunities to nurses even before the pandemic season. They partnered with healthcare facilities that need nurses and employ nurses under them who assigned them to the healthcare facilities that need their service. There are several benefits of getting a nurse staffing agency.

Why do Nurses Hire Agencies?

Nurses prefer to work with agencies since they can have more benefits. Plus they can have flexibility in their schedules. Nurses are often experiencing burnout due to straight shifts and overtime. For nurses under agency, they can choose to work or not since they can decline assignments, this way they can avoid burnout. 

7 Key Benefits Offered By Nurse Staffing Agencies 

More Job Opportunities for Nurses 

Working under nurse staffing agencies can give more job opportunities to nurses since the agency is connected with several healthcare facilities that will be needing nurses now and then. Nurses are even allowed to work under one or more nurse staffing agencies which means they can get more assignments if they want to maximize their time. 

More Convenient for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities prefer hiring nurses through nurse staffing agencies since it can be convenient for them. They can save time since the whole recruitment process is done by the agency plus they can save money since they don’t have to allot a budget to recruit more nurses to work for them. Regular employees get paid with benefits while nurses from agencies don’t, so they are not obligated to pay benefits to them and still get quality services from qualified nurses. 

More Exposure for Nurses

Nurses under agency get to work at different healthcare facilities and this exposure makes them more flexible in different working environments. Since each assignment can last from one day to 23 weeks, nurses have to learn to adapt and adjust immediately to their working environment for each assignment. This exposure can train them to be more flexible in dealing with different co-workers and patients as well. 

More Pay For Nurses

Nurses working under staff agencies get paid higher compared with regular nurses. So most nurses would accept all the assignments given to them so they can earn more. Nurses under agency can earn the same or even greater annual pay regular nurses get and the good thing about that is they don’t have to work on a fixed schedule and full shift a day. 

Faster On-Boarding

Nurses working under an agency can work immediately, which is also advantageous for healthcare facilities since they can get immediate replacements for nurses who suddenly need to go on leave for emergency reasons. Nurses from the agency are readily available anytime to work right away. 

Less Training, More Productivity for Healthcare Facilities

Nurses from the agency are evaluated and screened which means they are ready to work anytime. They have the needed experience and are already oriented on what to do so once they arrive in the facility they work immediately. This setup can give more productivity for healthcare facilities since the training period is skipped and instead, nurses go straight to work. 

More Work Flexibility for Nurses

Nurses are allowed to decline assignments if they think the work schedule doesn’t fit them. This means they can manage when they can work and get rest in some seasons if they want to do some family travel or do some stuff they need to do. Nurses who take a break are still considered active when under agency, they can come back and they are ready to work once again. 

With all the Pros of working for a nurse staffing agency, nurses would prefer to work under an agency rather than working as regular nurses. So if you are a nurse better grab the opportunity by working under a nurse staffing agency. You can get more benefits and even have the opportunity to grow your profession by getting exposed to different working environments which can enhance your skills and knowledge as a nurse. Plus it will be more convenient for nurses to get assignments since the demands for nurses are still high until now, so grab the opportunity now and contact the nearest nurse staffing agency near you.