Best Selling Pre-Workout Supplement of 2012

MP Assault Review:

Price Per Serving= $0.84 / Serving

MP Assault Review: What made MP Assault 2012′s number 1 best selling pre-workout supplement? It’s a really nicely-rounded supplement that performs well, and receives great reviews. Assault contains some of the highest quality ingredients without over doing it in any one category. It takes care of your Creatine needs with 5g of Creapure Creatine and Creatine HCL(Con-Cret). It improves energy, endurance, and wards off fatigue with a 3:1:2 BCAA ratio while promoting faster recovery and muscle mass.

Benefits include:

  • Power and Strength
  • Energy and Endurance
  • Mental Focus and Clarity
  • Muscle Pumps
  • Lean Muscle Growth and Recovery
  • Fat Burning

My Review: Assault would get me fired up, and ready to workout with awesome energy and focus that would even help get me through some of my longer days at the gym. I also noticed that it helped keep me well hydrated during my workouts (not getting a dry mouth after each exercise) as some other pre-workout’s have – probably due to its electrolyte blend. It’s great to see a full 5g of creatine with each serving so you don’t have to spend money on creatine separately too. Watermelon and Raspberry Lemonade both mixed well and tasted great.


  • Promotes all 5 Key Benefits
  • Full 5g Serving of Creatine
  • Includes Electrolyte Replenishment
  • Certified Banned Substance Free


  • The ingredient Beta Alanine, has the ability to make some peoples skin tingle
  • Although multiple forms of Arganine are present, we still like to see Citrulline for muscle pumps

MP Assault FAQ

1. What is Assault’s main goal?

To boost your strength, energy, focus, and endurance to help make your every workout more effective. It also contains ingredients that promote a faster recovery, which will help you come back strong, faster.

2. Can I take it if I workout at night?

The makers of Assault suggest taking their product at least 4 hours prior to sleep. This is because of the caffeine within it.

Other Reviews:

  • I loved assault. Watermelon flavor was awesome, and same with the fruit punch. I found it worked really well too, got me energized and focused. I felt a slight tingly sensation in my skin, but not too much which is sweet because some of the other ones ive tried really make me itch. good one muscle pharm.
  • After trying assault, I’d have to say its quality is right up there with no xplode and super pump. It gave me awesome focus and tons of energy which led to an awesome workout. Would highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet.

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