Let's talk fat loss! - Chrissy King

Looking for ways to burn fat and avoid the typical holiday weight gain? You’re in the right place! Burning fat and staying trim isn’t easy. It takes discipline and a lot of hard work. But the payoff is worth it. Losing those extra pounds and adding muscle will help you feel better, have more energy, and avoid many of the health issues so many Americans face. 

Carrying around extra weight has serious consequences the older we get. It starts to play into things like longevity, heart health, and overall quality of life. Finding ways to burn fat, on the other hand, helps you avoid all of that. But burning fat is hard. All of those people you see on tv or in magazines put in hours in the gym, outside running or doing other activities aimed at burning fat. They eat diets designed for maximum fat burn and keep cheats to a bare minimum.

Most people know that calorie restriction is one of the most effective means of losing weight. If you stop eating as many calories, you’re going to burn off excess fat. There is a point for some people, though, where those stubborn pockets of fat need a bit of time on the treadmill or lifting weights to finally come off. Whether you’re trying to lose excess fat for health reasons or just to improve the way your body looks, here are some key things you can start doing to jumpstart your fat-burning process.

Strength Training Burns Fat

Cardio exercise is an important part of weight loss. Doing things like walking or jogging every day burns calories and prevents your body from converting food into fat. However, to really increase your fat burning, you should incorporate some form of strength training into your daily exercise routine. Strength training, whether you’re lifting weights in the gym or doing air squats in front of the TV at home, builds muscles and increases your body’s ability to move. You’re sending a signal to your body that it shouldn’t convert those calories to fat because it is going to need them. After all, more strength training is around the corner. Strength training adds tone to your body and builds muscles that burn more calories. 

Eat More Protein

Watch what you eat. It will have an impact on how much fat you burn. Adding more protein, like chicken breast, turkey, and other foods, boosts your metabolism and the amount of fat you burn. Protein is also dense in good calories. It will make you full faster and keep you feeling that way for longer so you’ll be less inclined to reach for a cookie or that bag of chips. Instead of having potatoes or rice with your next meal, double your portion of lean protein for better fat burning.

Try Eating More Vinegar

According to some research, upping the amount of vinegar in your diet can boost the amount of fat you burn. It also has similar effects as eating more protein. It will make you feel full faster and for more hours. People who eat more vinegar regularly report eating fewer calories throughout the day. You don’t have to eat straight vinegar if that doesn’t sound all that great. You can add it to salad dressings and other sauces to give it a little zing. 

Watch What You Drink

We all hear “watch what you eat” over and over again, but, for many Americans, it’s the drinks that add calories and fat. If you want to burn more fat, stop drinking sugar. It only adds to the hours you have to spend on the treadmill or out on the trail. And, after all, wouldn’t you rather be eating your calories instead of drinking them? Stop buying expensive coffee drinks that expand your waistline and start drinking more water. It’s better for you, helps you save money, and will increase your fat burning. 

Cardio Counts Too

Don’t overlook the importance of getting up and moving. If you are sitting at your computer in the office or home all day, it’s no wonder you’ve got pockets of unwanted fat on your body. You’re essentially telling your body it doesn’t have to move. It thinks it needs to store those extra calories in the form of fat for when you do eventually get up and go. Keep your body burning fat by prioritizing moving. Schedule walks, buy a standing desk, or take conference calls outdoors while you pace back and forth. You have to get your cardio in. It sends the message to your body to burn fat. 

Fragment 176-191 & Fat Burning

Peptides are getting a lot of attention recently for their potential fat-burning properties. One peptide, hGH Fragment 176-191, showed in studies on mice to increase fat loss and offered many of the same fat-burning benefits of hGH without some of the side effects like insulin sensitivity. In a three-week trial, obese mice saw a 50% reduction in weight. Studies show the increased fat burning associated with Fragment 176-191 directly correlates with energy expenditure and weight reduction. 

Get Some Sleep

You may be surprised to hear this, but your body burns fat while you sleep. Getting sleep is also good for you because you feel better and are less likely to make diet mistakes during the day. Go to bed early to avoid late-night snacking and make fat burning easier for your body.